Thursday, March 03, 2005

Game of Tag

Well, I was tagged by Ate Pia in her blog, and being game, I decided to take a ride on...

Random 10

I can't explain each choice, but this is pretty much the list.

1. "Power of Two" by Indigo Girls
2. "Wherever you will go" by The Calling
3. "Every Little Thing she does is Magic" by Sting
4. "Noypi" by Bamboo
5. "Harana" by Parokya ni Edgar
6. "Hari ng Sablay" by SugarFree
7. "Liwanag sa Dilim" by Rivermaya
8. "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls
9. "Huwg mo Nang Itanong sa Akin" by Eraserheads
10. "Next in Line" by AfterImage

What is the total amount of music files in your computer?

19.6 mb composed of 6 tracks all told.

What was the last CD that you bought?

Strictly speaking, this question does not apply to me. The last time I bought a musical record (it's the technically correct term), the CD wasn't still popular. Anyway if you're still curious, it's a cassette by Celine Dion ,which I am regretting with all my heart, back the time when "Titanic" was showing. sick

What was the last song you listened to before reading this entry?

"Grow old With You" by Adam Sandler from "The Wedding Singer". Love that Song...

Write down 5 songs you listen a lot or mean a lot to you.

1. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something
Yeah I know, mababaw lang yung lyrics. But it's very easy to listen to. Gives you that "feel good" feeling. You've gotta love it.

2. "Buloy" by Parokya ni Edgar
A song to remind me of me when I was younger and still didn't fully comprehend the song. I believe I was about in Grade 5 or 6 when this first hit the airwaves. Sad theme. Still somehow, by the end of the song, it gives us new insights on barkada, the people around us, and life. It shows us a different perspective. I sometimes listen to it simply to feel the bittersweet melancholy that fills me everytime I hear the song and remember people I've met whose lives are very simillar to that of Buloy.

"naaalala mo pa ba nung ika'y tumawag sa 'kin
at ika'y imiiyak
tapos pagkatapos nun kay tagal mong nawala
nagulat nalang ako nung narinig ko ang balita
akala ko pa naman na marunong kang magdala
nalaman ko na lang na ika'y nagpakamatay na"
3. "Huling El Bimbo" by Eraserheads
It's sad to see a good band disappear and not be heard from much again. Still there are still their songs to remind us of them. This is one of the songs remniscient of my younger years. Funnily too, it almosts chronicle my life. Back as a child, I listen to it just for the sake of listening (and I admit being creeped out by the music video). But when I grew older I learned to appreciate the song more for what it means.

4. "Grow Old With You" by Adam Sandler
Simple lyrics. Short and Sweet. Easy listening in its best.

5. "Jeepney" by SpongeCola
Perfect for those senti nights
“Naaalala ko ang mga gabing nakahiga sa ilalim ng kalawakan
Naaalala ko ang mga gabing magkatabi sa ulan”

Who are you gonna pass this stick to? (3 persons and why?)

1. James, to see him update his blog hehehe =)
2. Omi, to know what the Synesi Head listens to. Go Synesi! Labo, tapos na angkan games eh hehehe... (",)
3. Zaza, just for fun (",), it would be cool to know what she listens to


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice song choices.:) i like parokya, e-heads, rivermaya and bamboo too. and going by my random 10, it is probably obvious how crazy i am about the indigo girls.:) - ate pia

6:19 PM  
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