Sunday, February 27, 2005

Saturdays with a College Boy and His Passion

One Saturday has again come and passed and I feel my life slipping away again. Nevertheless, this day wasn't so bad.

My day started out late since I slept late last night (5 am to be exact. Gee! I tend to be abusive of myself during the weekends). I did nothing but slacked around the house and do some chores. Tried to look for something good on TV however when limited to local networks, that's pretty much a futile task. Nevertheless, I was capable of staying awake the whole afternoon (strange, I never seem to be able to do that on a weekend).
By 3 pm I prepared to go to school for a quick visit to the library. No not for research, I've already done that the last weeks. I'm just there to return some books. However, when in Katipunan, it never hurts to pay a visit to National Book Store for a quick look at what's on the racks. I realized that it's been some time since I've done pleasure reading and now maybe a nice time to start again.
Going to the Fantasy/Science Fiction Section (the only section I visit on a frequent basis) I've found some books which caught my attention. As usual, they had a complete stock of The Wheel of Time series (funny, they never seem to run out of stock of these books). Then there's Dune:Machine Crusade, which I've been trying to get my hands on since last year. (Arggh! so close and yet so far) I would simply love a copy but I guess I'll still have wait my time till the books finally up for grabs (or hope that the store have a sale in the science fiction/fantasy section, not likely). Then there's also High Druids of Shanarra: Jarka Ruus on display. I've tried to explore more the world of Shanarra by Terry Brooks (his stories, in comparison to other fantasy/science fiction books I've read, is by far much more simple. it doesn't contain complex weaving of politics in the story i.e:Dune: Houses Trilogy and the Wheel of Time Series; which I love to read about, nevertheless, is a quality book on its own standards.).
After gazing longingly at these spellbinding books, I went to another section, this time the Inspirational Section. The Trilogy by Dave Pelzer seems an interesting read. Then there are the Paulo Coehlo books which never fail to catch my attention. After some time (and a dark realization that I'll still have to wait till I may be able to read some of them) I heavy-heartedly left the store.
Now that I look back at that afternoon I realize that it was just all about a boy with a certain passion for reading that may not quite be sated because of what he lacks financially. Its about a dreamer who dreams too much of what he cannot easily have.


Blogger Tish said...

Naku nakakafrustrate nga iyan. Ginagawa ko, inuupuan ko sa National at doon ko na binabasa (napagalitan ako ng guard isang beses hehe.) Or minsan hinahanap ko sa lib, minsan meron e. :)

5:37 PM  
Blogger Tish said...

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5:37 PM  
Blogger pol said...

i can totally relate. i can spend HOURS in NBS (or powerbooks, or any other bookstore for that matter) just browsing through the new titles. but yeah, i usually end up frustrated, since i couldn't afford to buy all the books that i want. but God is good...he sends me friends who i can borrow books from.:) just look around. chances are, there'll be one or two souls who share in your passion.:)

9:21 PM  

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