Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hiatus Over!

Okay, to those who have been following my blog (which is strange since I didn't expect that my blog has any following) you may have noticed that nothing new happened the last week. It was due to a self-imposed hiatus I had on myself. Well, it was February the 14th and people would be expecting that I'd be talking about Valentine's or even mention it. Well, guess what, I didn't. I guess I was a bit disenchanted with the occassion (and one of my friends even had his blog prepared for the occassion, great...). Anyway, now that the hype's over, I can talk about something beyond it.

Well, we had our cell group (short for cellular group, a session where we can share our anxieties and share with other people are pursuit to know God) earlier. I was thinking about my week (stressful is an understatement, every week's turning to be a hell week) and how taxing it was (especially with regards to my acads) for me. Great challenges were set for me which I thought I would never get over with and have successfully gotten over with. Or so I thought. Ate Deb couldn't have surprised me more by telling that I had failed a test greater than what was apparent.

Here's how it went: Tuesday night, I was stressed since tomorrow would be the deadline for our lab report (which happened to be my first class for the day). I had to finish my report to pass it to whoever would compile. However, no one was willing to compile it. Well, so I volunteered that I would compile the work. I finished my work about 10:00 pm and received the others. I viewed their works and noticed that they lacked some parts. Having no other choice, I supplied the missing parts. By 11:30 I was finished and had the task sent it to my classmate to be able to print it (my printer was running out of ink and cannot afford to use it any longer). However our server was so slow that I had to wait almost an hour to upload it. Runing out of time, I separated each report and sent it individually to my classmate (All that compilation for nothing). I was through by about 12:30 am. I had to wake up about 5:00 am.

The next day, we were all set for lab. My classmate even slightly complaned (Complained!) that I didn't actually compile it. However, our prof was late for class and therefore it was a technical free cut.

This morning however, I was able to see things in a clearer perspective. That night was actually my faith test, that is if I'd actually remember to turn to God now that I needed it. Unfortunately, I failed my faith test and simply relied on myself to finish the task. The free cut, as I see things now, is actually a reminder of what He could do if we turn to Him and surrender to His will.

It's funny how things worked to remind me of my weaknesses in my faith. I guess we can always remember that God will work things out in a way we never expected.

Well that's it for now. Ciao!

Worthless Info: This is something I learned from Physics class earlier. I really don't care to share it, I just want to get it out of my system. Energy from protons cannot almost be utilized: that is unless you believe in ghosts. Ghosts, or ectoplasmic projections, are composed of negatively charged particles. Proton packs could be used to render them immobile (the negative charges which compose the ghost are attracted to the positively charged protons). However they won't cancel each other out, therefore the need for a trap to, well trap, them in a virtual reality.


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