Sunday, February 20, 2005

The clock says...

it’s 1:40 am and I should be getting some sleep. However, it seems that sleep just won’t takeover me and I’d better just start working on updating my blog. Besides, the reason I couldn’t sleep is a tale worth telling.

I’ve just read in the Guidon an article about the Colayco Hall. In a week, the orgs in Ateneo will be moving out of Colayco since it will be renovated. The article’s about how the Colayco is starting to get crowded and renovating the place (translation: wrecking the place and building a “better” one in its place). The article says that Colayco will no longer be able to accommodate the growing population of orgs in the Ateneo and the number of orgs asking for accreditation. The whole idea of renovation was thought of by an ME student (huh! What did you expect?).

The article was put on the Inquiry section (similar to the social commentary page of a regular newspaper) of the Guidon. I would have been more enthusiastic reading it if it was put on the Features page about the sentiments of the Ateneans regarding the Colayco. Unfortunately the Guidon editors thought it might be more worthwhile reading tsunami “survivors” who have escaped the wrath of nature. That article was pure BS (c’mon you “survived” a tsunami cause you left one day earlier... If the people featured were actually swept by the tsunami and swam back to the shore “That” would be worth reading...) Its just a show-offish article of how rich Ateneans are, being able to afford a trip to God knows what earthly paradise while half of the country was still mourning because of the onslaught caused by the typhoons that hit the Philippines. (Thanks to RB for pointing the whole thing out. Damn! I hate it when the guy makes sense and isn’t just fooling around.) I would still like to go on ranting on how apathetic Ateneans can be and how the Guidon is really turning out to be a heck of worthless crap that wastes the Atenean’s tuition fee, I would simply constrain myself (actually I already did a lot of ranting but that’s not really what I want to talk about so let’s leave it at that).

Well, it’s only been a year but I’ve grown attached to Colayco particularly the Gabay room. In here I’ve met a lot of characters whom little did I know would be a part in shaping my life (Heck! Majority of my links are people from Gabay). I know, it’s just the room, the people will still be there (and with luck, we still have three years to grow tired of each other’s faces). But I guess you have to admit that the place carries all the memories of being, and you can’t beat that.

A lot of events happened here; events, bittersweet or otherwise, I would never trade for. No matter how hard I try, I simply can’t seem to write this in a way justify how the room makes me feel. But I’ll do my best to try.

It was in this room that Kuya Gep’s rats (hamsters, guinea pigs... whatever) went missing, and I was among those who first noticed that the rats went missing. Along with other Gabayanos in that room (there weren’t many, it was in the morning) we tried our best to search for the rats. We did find some but the rats simply kept on escaping. Until now some of the rats haven’t been found yet. I wanted to share this event because it reminded me of one of the people that were there helping out looking for the rats: Randolph. I can’t understand why he can’t be with us (I know why, I just can’t understand). I don’t know exactly what to think of this but I guess the only thing I’m sure of is “Heck! I miss that kid!” Yeah, working with that kid for one semester kind of grows on you. You simply can’t complain about him. He’s a nice co-worker and is really friendly. I can’t understand the way things go but I’m all for him in his choices now.

Then there’re our constant cell sessions (which were actually the underground meetings of Ate Deb and me about the caroling nights during the Christmas season). I simply liked listening to other people’s stories and reflecting on how God manifests Himself on the everyday basis. I found a particular cell session poignant because it revealed a different facet of the members in our cell. That event struck me for somehow I felt a greater bond grew that day as we understood anew everyone in the cell.

There are a lot more to count; after class meetings, bridge games, caroling practices. Discoveries after discoveries have been made. New facets of everyone were seen (banal si Ray, bumabait si RB pagnagmimisa, gusto pala ni Omi mag misyonaryo, mga mag-on at mga mag-off... you get the gist). And for that matter, simply why we were all gathered in that room; because we took a choice and made a promise. “Pinipili kong magtaya, Malaya akong nagtataya, Nangangako akong magtataya”

Last Friday, we gathered before the GR, holding hands and sung the Gabay Song right in front of it. It was our farewell to Gabay Room. For that time, I never felt more proud, or happier, that I was a part of this org, part of a group of young vibrant people working to achieve something.

Yeah sure, it can get crowded at times. Sometimes there are so many people in the room that you only have enough space to stand and maybe not even that. Yeah, I admit that sometimes, even the outside is crowded that there’s really no space left to sit but the very edge of the sidewalk. But that’s the time that I love most to be in Gabay; when it’s bustling full of young vibrant people; full of emotions, full of camaraderie, full of visions, and full of hopes; hopes not only for themselves but for the society, and them working together to fulfill just that.

Good Bye Colayco... Good Bye GR...


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