Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Blessed Day

Blessings come in forms unanticipated at times we least expect...

And at times most needed

This is how I felt after attending the DWKJ 2 (Date with Kuya Jess) prepared by the Spiritual Formation committee of Gabay. They had a wonderful seminar with a wonderful speaker. I can’t help but agree with the speaker earlier. I believe I could relate with the topic earlier. The past week has been stressful for me, wanting to excel in different fields and failing at times. The topic earlier was Success. But it isn’t simply about material success but a greater form of success. Most of the times we want to achieve so many things, we want to do this, and we want to do that: we forget our priorities.

I would like to share two stories told by the speaker earlier:

An athletic rower who wanted to achieve the gold medal in the Olympics was scheduled to compete at a certain day. It so happened that that was the day his wife was about to give birth. He selflessly sacrificed the game and went straight to the hospital where her wife gave birth to a young boy.

Twenty-something years after the son became a champion canoe rower. The son hurriedly sent a telegram to his father stating something like this:

Thank you for being there in the birthing room. Here’s the gold medal that was supposed to be yours.

Talk about knowing your priorities!

The next story went something like this.

An African missionary who preached the Word of God for 60 years was boarded on a plane headed for America. By a fortunate coincidence, the president was also boarded in the same plane.

As the plane landed, the president was welcomed with trumpets and full honors. As the missionary looked, evil thoughts pervaded his mind.

“You have finally returned to America, what now? What have you gained with your ventures? What did your 60 years preaching earned you? Who will even recognize you and offer any welcome? Was it worth it?”

The missionary can’t help but entertain these thoughts. However, a heavenly voice spoke to him and said:

“But son, you haven’t returned home yet.”

Sometimes we have to remember what really matters in our life. We have to learn to prioritize what we really want or else what is really important may escape our grasp.

That’s all! Ciao!


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