Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Sir Gimo

And we learn to value what we are in most danger of losing...

I've just come home, and I'm trying to relax. However, I can't seem to do so. I'm feeling rather gloomy today, and it's not because I had my Math midterms earlier. Not even my Math midterms could make me feel this sad. I just learned earlier that Mr. Pesigan was diagnosed with third stage cancer. Mr. Pesigan, or Sir Gimo for us, once taught in our summer enrichment classes. He taught English in our classes for our Pathways (A program which helped us find scholarships for our college education) classes. At first, he didn't strike me as anything different, nothing extraordinary. This changed over time.

We (his students) liked him as time goes by. He taught with certain gusto. He explained his lessons well. I liked him best as a teacher in Literature. I was fully able to enjoy his classes as he related the stories with his own experiences. But the one thing that separated him from my other teachers is the concern he shares with his student. He related his stories with life and vividly explained the texts so that all of us might understand the lessons. I believe he doesn't have any "good" students. Everyone's pretty much equal. Among our English teachers, he was the teacher whom I've admired most. As we were about to enter in Ateneo, Alec, my co-Pathways participant said that he didn't mind being in Elementary English (the English Classes in Ateneo are divided in three: Merit, Regular, and Elementary) as long as Sir Gimo is his teacher. I can't help but feel pretty much the same.

During Lit class, I can't understand but I felt I was able to participate more actively. I could not understand why, but I felt different during that class. maybe I pretty much nderstood the poem we were discussing. Maybe I was very interested with the subject. Maybe.

After Lit class, I joined my blockmates as we go to Raf's (one of my blockmates) house to review for our Math midterms. I feel that I somehow owe them something. I know i don't spend much time with them. In fact I know that I spend much more time with my orgmates. Maybe, it’s just because we had groupwork to do or maybe because I needed to ask about the midterms. Or maybe I just wanted to compensate for lost time. Maybe I just wanted to tie some loose ends.

I don't know but I think Sir Gimo has something to do with this. It's a few of his lessons that have been etched in my mind. Try to live your everyday to the fullest. Try to compensate with lost time. Have enough time for everyone important in your life. Especially with your family and friends.

This Saturday, there will be a film showing held for the benefit of his medical expenses. We're scheduled for the 5 o'clock p.m. screening. It’s not compulsory, but I'm planning to come. I don't care even if it’s a Saturday; or even if we were given the 10 o'clock p.m. time slot. I'd still watch. This is the least of the ways I could thank him for touching our lives.


Blogger eyn said...

ganon ba....???alam mo your right even one meeting lang me sya nakita i know that he is really "good" and i want to thank you for helping me realized it more. sana malapit lang kami dyan para makamusta namin sya....makausap....anyways i know naman na you can do it for me and for all of us...di ba????

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