Thursday, January 20, 2005


I don't know why but when I was riding a jeep, "At the Beginning" (that's the theme song of the movie "Anastasia") was playing on the back of my mind. (That's what I call LSS) Anyway I couldn't help but think of some beginnings in my life. The first thing that struck me was the SS AVR. This was during a time I wasn't still an Atenean. I knew exactly why that went into my mind.

This was during the summer '02, when I was an incoming junior student. I was at Ateneo to attend the ANI program. Of course for me I thought I was wasting my time. (Sorry ANI peeps, this was when I was just new to the ANI program :p) Anyway I went there and went on. "Might as well get over it." I thought. (Obviously back then I had little interest with my education)

Finally, the first week passed and everything went well. Actually, it went better than well. It was fun. I found myself pleasantly surprised with myself. I found something new with myself. I started to enjoy the atmosphere of the place. In fact, things only got better and better. My classmates were fun. They were kind and friendly. (and I'm such a liar :p) The teachers were great. They simply brought out the best out of their student.

However, one thing that simply made it worth remembering was the play. In it, everyone poured their best and put all their talents to use. Heck, we simply can't disappoint Kuya Uri. (He told us that he didn't expect much from us, we just had to win, pure and unadulterated pressure) This didn't just brought out the best of us. It cemented our friendship and made one heck of a memorable summer.

I owe a lot of things to ANI. I would definitely be able to study here in Ateneo without them. (Yeah, I know "hypothesis contrary to fact", but that doesn't matter) They strengthened my resolve to study here. They provided me with emotional support regarding my choices and decisions, support they continue to provide till today. I know I owe a lot of things to them.

Thanks 4-I! Thanks 3-N pips!

I won't forget you guys.

*Note to self: stop being so mushy


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