Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Hell Week Mode

No that's not this week, that's for next week.

Well, what have I got coming? A few things, such as : first, an ITM exam; second, a Math exam; third, a Physics exam; finally, fixing the Enrichment currculum for summer (That's this Saturday).

Okay, not that I'm complaining and stuff, but that's an awful lot of work... The ITM exam would determine if I will have to take summer classes. Its mainly about the Microsoft Office so I really don't think I would have any problem with that (except for Excel arggh! gotta memorize those formulas...) and anyway If i flunk all I have to do is take up summer classes. (That's if I want to stay in my course or any Management course for that matter, and that's a BIG IF.) The rest are more problematic.

The Math long test leaves a little more to be desired, (Hey a B is not THAT bad) but I still have to keep studying... (I know I flunk my test. I KNOW IT!) Physics is another story altogether... a C+ is definitely in the lower half of the grading system. And I don't want any of the grades in the lower half. but I guess I should be thankful... I definitely thought I got less.... (Though with 3 more points I could have gotten a B, and I KNOW I could have gotten those three points if I studied a little harder... )

Now this one shouldn't be here but, well it's here. Fixing the Enrichment curriculum for summer. Well, I teach for summer and we're trying to fix things. One of them is the curriculum. Now, I'm not complaining since, well I chose to volunteer and I like doing this work. But it's just inconveniently timed with my LTs (not that I'm complaining, I told you. Even with this work I'd still want to stay here. )

I think that's it for now

Don't worry Synesi, we'll do better in the next fight. I KNOW IT!


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